Stop and smell the fish

This morning I got the pleasure of taking my son fishing.  The trip was a reward for him because he had an especially good past week at kindergarten.  As the kids are getting older we find that our weeks and weekends are starting to get more and more busy.  Today was one of those rare reminders in how good in life the simple things can be.

After a whirlwind of a day yesterday, had a wedding in the family, we completely over slept and found myself scrambling to try and save the morning.  With the sun already up we (aka daddy) packed up the boat and got everything ready to go in record time.  Going down the road my son was so excited I think the only reason he wasn’t jumping in the back seat was because of the seat belt holding him still.  Took about a half hour to drive to the ramp at the lake and then we spent the next couple hours fishing and motoring around the lake.  Every now and then I would have to help him cast, but he is starting to do better and better on his own.  He would fish for a bit, then start playing with some random object in the boat, then sing a silly song for a bit, I think he even tried to yell a few times in hopes of waking up the fish.  Either way, we clearly was glad to have a nice day out.

Putting the boat back onto the trailer I asked my son how his day was and he said great.  Keep in mind we did not even get as much as a bite on our lines today, much less catch anything.  But when I asked why it was so great, he said he just got to go fishing and all that matters was that he had fun.  Just another reminder to slow down and smell the roses, or maybe the fish in this case…

Upland hunt at Otter Creek Hunting Club

Upland hunt at Otter Creek Hunting Club

A short time ago I was invited along on a hunt with a few of my co-workers.  This hunt especially I was very excited about as I had not been able to get an upland hunt in this year.  And being that I was able to get out with some of the people that I work with made it even more exciting. Continue reading

Retrievers best friend

Retrievers best friend

This morning while doing a little facebook surfing I noticed a post from Ducks Unlimited about retrievers. This got me thinking, people often refer to dogs as man’s best friend. But is it not truly the other way around?  In our household we have an interesting dynamic.  There is of course myself and my spouse, our two young children, and our two dogs.  Our older dog is a Shih Tzu which we got when our son was very young as he went through a time while he had severe allergies and being that Shih Tzu are hair dogs, he was able to get accustomed to have a dog in the house while not bothering his allergies. Continue reading

Planning summer

This time of year I find myself looking at maps and starting to plan out trips for the summer. Of course there is the normal trips for the family and kids, and then what I really get excited about are the family fishing trips.

On our short list for this year will be reelfoot lake for bluegill and crappie, Kentucky lake for bluegill, Montauk for trout fishing, and of course Rend lake for crappie.

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