Show Season

Nothing helps a little cabin fever then fishing show season.  I’m typically not a fan of the winter months.  I enjoy the outdoors far too much to be cooped up inside of a house except for when we have to go places.

The one thing that I do enjoy though is the show season.  Usually in this area it start off with fishing shows Continue reading

Retrievers best friend

Retrievers best friend

This morning while doing a little facebook surfing I noticed a post from Ducks Unlimited about retrievers. This got me thinking, people often refer to dogs as man’s best friend. But is it not truly the other way around?  In our household we have an interesting dynamic.  There is of course myself and my spouse, our two young children, and our two dogs.  Our older dog is a Shih Tzu which we got when our son was very young as he went through a time while he had severe allergies and being that Shih Tzu are hair dogs, he was able to get accustomed to have a dog in the house while not bothering his allergies. Continue reading

To be agile

Some time ago I found myself interviewing developers for a position that we had and quickly found that being “agile” for many either means that they are doing iterative waterfall development or that they are just simply not doing waterfall so by default it must be agile.

What I found is that while people have varying opinions on agile and even more varying practices, I found that there are a few key pieces that most often got skipped. Continue reading

Death by meetings

While my passion is development, my day job has taken a bit of a turn and have found myself on the management track. I like the challenge and still try to work in time for proof of concepts and other work to help retain my skills. That being said, I have found myself in meeting hell. Meetings about other meetings and so forth. In fact it has ever gotten to the point that I feel as if I’m not servicing my staff to the level I would have wanted.

So the question comes, how do you free up your schedule to reduce the meeting load and best serve your staff? Until I can find an answer, I guess I’ll just start blocking off time in outlook…

In the waves of change

Over a year ago I started at a new company after working for the same employer for a very long time.  Before I started I had already heard about the culture and environment in which I was about to join.  I could hardly wait.  Soon after I had started I quickly seen the creator of that culture.  The COO was a strong leader that was also one of the most approachable people within the company.  She recognized a company is only as good as its people and cultivated a great work force.  She provided great leadership but also took the time to do the little things that matter.  Whether it was hand delivering the paychecks to over 400+ employees (and she knew everyone’s name and families to boot), or the yearly lunch with her on your anniversary; she took the time.  She was able to relate to the people working for the company and because of that she will always have their respect.

Change is constantly happening around us and today is no different.  The only thing that is predictable is that it will happen.  Today I got the pleasure of saying goodbye to this fine leader that I respect so much.  She is leaving the company for what I can only hope is greener pastures.  She was the face of the company in more ways then I think many realize and she will be sorely missed.  She has won my respect and as I grow in my career and leadership aptitude, I can only strive to one day earn the respect that she clearly had from my coworkers and myself.

People have asked… Why now do you hunt?

Over the past few months especially I have had a lot of people ask why I have taken up hunting.  Admittedly I’m sure it was a surprise to a lot of people, after being seen as the “technology guy” for so many years.  But it is also no secret that I have always enjoyed nature and being outdoors, just never hunted.  In my youth my parents were very involved with the Boy Scouts and I have many fond memories of going to the local scout camp and helping on the weekends.  In fact, if you ever find yourself at Camp Vandeventer look for the board with names for the campmaster award and you will find my entire family.  When not helping, I can remember hiking in the woods for hours just enjoying the peace of nature and having only my thoughts to accompany me.  I think this time taught me many good lessons growing up around community, understanding one’s self-health, and reflecting on life’s many challenges.  Still to this day that is what I enjoy the most, regardless of what got me outdoors. Continue reading