Upland hunt at Otter Creek Hunting Club

Upland hunt at Otter Creek Hunting Club

A short time ago I was invited along on a hunt with a few of my co-workers.  This hunt especially I was very excited about as I had not been able to get an upland hunt in this year.  And being that I was able to get out with some of the people that I work with made it even more exciting. Continue reading


Prepping for spring

Before we know it spring will be here. That wonderful time of the year where we start to put up all the goose and duck gear, and start to get ready for spring turkey season and fishing.

What is your spring ritual? Continue reading

Back in the saddle, or duck blind…

Back in the saddle, or duck blind…

This morning I finally got the chance to make it out to a pit that I lease with a few others for duck and goose hunting.  After looking at the clock last night I found that shooting time started at 6:06am, so set the trusty alarm for 4:30am.  I don’t know if it is the excitement of the hunt, or just my crazy fear of being late, but at 4:15am I was wide awake and started getting ready. Continue reading

Bird down!

This weekend I tried my hand in turkey hunting again.  This was only my second season trying to get a turkey and happy to say I got one. I have been blessed I’m the fact that my brother has been able to help me along the way. And while being a seasoned hunter, he has never been able to bag a turkey. Well, that changed for him too this weekend and I’m happy to say we both got our first turkeys.


Grow the hobby, bring a friend.

20130103_095506[1]Yesterday I took the morning off work so that I could take two family members on their first duck hunt.  We went to a pit that I knew of on public ground as I wanted them to get the full experience.  We got at the parking lot at 4am to get everything ready and changed before they allow people to enter at 4:30am.  After that, it was a dash to the pit!

After we entered and got to the pit we quickly found about two inches of ice on the pond that needed to be broke.  Luckily, I brought along my handy sledge-hammer and commenced to breaking the ice into large sheets that we could then slide under the other ice.  This worked for the most part, but there was still smaller pieces from where we had to break it loose still in the water.  As we soon found, the smaller pieces made the hole refreeze since it was only 20ish degrees.

Since we hunted public land, I used an old sled we bought for the kids and packed the decoys and other gear on it so that I could drag it out easier.  Works great as long as there is snow or ice on the ground.  Because the hole kept freezing due to the small chunks of ice, we decided to take the sled and use it to push the smaller chunks of ice out of the hole.  This worked great and before we knew it the hole was clear and the decoys had good movement to them because of the wind.

We hunted for the morning and then left so that I could get to work.  No shots fired, and only seen a few ducks, but they enjoyed the hunt and are excited to go again when the opportunity presents itself.  For me, I was excited to show them something new and took a lot of pleasure in sharing this hobby with them.

People have asked… Why now do you hunt?

Over the past few months especially I have had a lot of people ask why I have taken up hunting.  Admittedly I’m sure it was a surprise to a lot of people, after being seen as the “technology guy” for so many years.  But it is also no secret that I have always enjoyed nature and being outdoors, just never hunted.  In my youth my parents were very involved with the Boy Scouts and I have many fond memories of going to the local scout camp and helping on the weekends.  In fact, if you ever find yourself at Camp Vandeventer look for the board with names for the campmaster award and you will find my entire family.  When not helping, I can remember hiking in the woods for hours just enjoying the peace of nature and having only my thoughts to accompany me.  I think this time taught me many good lessons growing up around community, understanding one’s self-health, and reflecting on life’s many challenges.  Still to this day that is what I enjoy the most, regardless of what got me outdoors. Continue reading