About Me

In The PitWhile growing up in southern Illinois I spent many weekends outdoors enjoying nature.  During that time, my family was very involved with outdoor organizations for youth which gave me and my siblings plenty of time to enjoy nature and to appreciate it’s beauty.

I have always had an interest in technology and I am a software developer professionally.  Later in life after having a family of my own I felt as if I was missing something.  I lacked a way to release the occasional stresses of work and family and out of a whem I picked up a fishing pole, dusted it off, and went to the nearby lake.  At first it was just to enjoy the peace and quite of the outdoors, and then I soon realized how much I had enjoyed it previously in life.  Realizing this, and wanting to share my love for the outdoors with my family I soon began fishing again on a regular basis and re-finding my love for nature and the outdoors that had flourished when I was younger.

In this blog you will see some things regarding being outdoors as I rediscover my love of fishing and hunting as well as things I have come across during my day to day as a software developer writing code.  I hope you enjoy reading this and always look forward to any feedback.

~ Redneck Coder