Show Season

Nothing helps a little cabin fever then fishing show season.  I’m typically not a fan of the winter months.  I enjoy the outdoors far too much to be cooped up inside of a house except for when we have to go places.

The one thing that I do enjoy though is the show season.  Usually in this area it start off with fishing showsand then on to RV and travel show, and then finally the boat show in late February or early March.

This year especially I was looking forward to getting out and being able to look around at all of the new gear and pick up some new items to replace what may have worn down the previous year or replenish my supply of lures and jig skirts.  Speaking of jig skirts, there is one company that I find every year at the fishing show.  MidSouth tackle is by far one of my favorite companies to order jig skirts from.  Great for crappie, but I’ve used them to hook into some really nice bass as well when doing some finesse fishing with an ultralight.

One thing that I have decided to start looking into more however is fly fishing.  I’ve done a bit in the past, but really looking forward to diving into that more this year.  In our area there are some very nice trout hatcheries and makes for a great time with the kids.

Well, that all for now folks.  Stay warm and start preparing for spring!


~The Redneck Coder


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