Retrievers best friend

This morning while doing a little facebook surfing I noticed a post from Ducks Unlimited about retrievers. This got me thinking, people often refer to dogs as man’s best friend. But is it not truly the other way around?  In our household we have an interesting dynamic.  There is of course myself and my spouse, our two young children, and our two dogs.  Our older dog is a Shih Tzu which we got when our son was very young as he went through a time while he had severe allergies and being that Shih Tzu are hair dogs, he was able to get accustomed to have a dog in the house while not bothering his allergies.

Then, about a year ago I got a call from my brother who had won a black lab pup at a Ducks Unlimited dinner a couple months prior.  Long story short the lab had to find a new home and we took her in.  She is a very mild mannered dog and has quickly grown to be a great dog and pet for the family.  While I lack the knowledge to train a full hunting dog, she is already very obedient and I’ve been working with her to get retrieves and have taken her on a few hunts this past winter at a pit that I had leased along with some others.  I suppose the point of this rank is really just to say that while many people think that dog’s are man’s best friend, it’s funny how quickly they become ingrained into our family structure and often times simply become part of the family.  They look to us for nurturing, food, friendship, and leadership.   So I ask you, is your dog your best friend?  Or are you your dog’s best friend?


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