Planning summer

This time of year I find myself looking at maps and starting to plan out trips for the summer. Of course there is the normal trips for the family and kids, and then what I really get excited about are the family fishing trips.

On our short list for this year will be reelfoot lake for bluegill and crappie, Kentucky lake for bluegill, Montauk for trout fishing, and of course Rend lake for crappie.

What I have found when planning these trips is that you need to keep all the family members in mind. Since we have two younger kids, we know not to plan on a full day of fishing for example. So usually we will plan to fish as a family in the morning and then plan for something around the kids for the afternoon. That may be hitting a beach somewhere, going on a hike, or riding bikes around the campgrounds.

We have found that visiting state parks can really be a good option.  If you don’t mind throwing up a tent, it can really help save on the lodging bill for a trip, and it’s also a great way to get the family more in touch with nature.  And my personal favorite, campfire cooking.  Just a word of advice though, invest in a good set of cots for the family.  Couple days of a sore back and your spouse and kids may not want the next trip!  That aside, state parks also normally offer up a few activities such as playgrounds, hiking trails, and plenty of other family friendly things to do with the kids.

If you’re not up for the tent camping, you can always look for state parks that have a lodge or cabins that they rent as well.  We have found these to be a little more than a hotel room in cost, but gives us a chance to pack in our food and usually make up the cost and also gives you a great option for something a little more secluded.

Now back to planning…


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