Mobile apps, something new

This week I began coding on my first mobile app.  The first obstacle I found of course is to pick the technologies to use.  At this point I know I want to target the IOS and Android platforms for the app. This presents some difficulties because of the different languages used to write applications for these systems.

After some research, I was able to get information on using html 5 to create an app that will work across platforms. This is great actually because I did not want to have to maintain multiple versions of the same application.  So after some thought and considering the user requirements I decided to move forward with html 5.

Next up is design in which I found the jQuery mobile framework. This is great actually because I have been using jQuery and jQuery ui for some time. So this will help me move things along faster. Along with this, I also started looking into the phonegap framework which would allow for the application to be installed like a native application.  And best of all, phonegap allows for a single code base that is then ran on both iOS and Android.  Problem solved!

At this point I am in the testing phase and working through the ruff models.  Look for another post in the coming weeks with my findings once I have been able to dig into the different frameworks in more detail.


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