In the waves of change

Over a year ago I started at a new company after working for the same employer for a very long time.  Before I started I had already heard about the culture and environment in which I was about to join.  I could hardly wait.  Soon after I had started I quickly seen the creator of that culture.  The COO was a strong leader that was also one of the most approachable people within the company.  She recognized a company is only as good as its people and cultivated a great work force.  She provided great leadership but also took the time to do the little things that matter.  Whether it was hand delivering the paychecks to over 400+ employees (and she knew everyone’s name and families to boot), or the yearly lunch with her on your anniversary; she took the time.  She was able to relate to the people working for the company and because of that she will always have their respect.

Change is constantly happening around us and today is no different.  The only thing that is predictable is that it will happen.  Today I got the pleasure of saying goodbye to this fine leader that I respect so much.  She is leaving the company for what I can only hope is greener pastures.  She was the face of the company in more ways then I think many realize and she will be sorely missed.  She has won my respect and as I grow in my career and leadership aptitude, I can only strive to one day earn the respect that she clearly had from my coworkers and myself.


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