Facebook for your employer, ah no…

I was reading the below article this morning regarding some companies asking for access to people’s Facebook logins. First off, I whole-heartedly disagree with this in terms of privacy; and I will get into more on that in a second. But to put on my employer hat, I can see why this may be tempting. It’s no secret that good qualified people are getting harder and harder to find. And that is especially true in the IT field. So being able to get a little more insight of a candidate could be tempting. After all, we all want to hire the best candidate that can provide the most value.

On the contrast, to me privacy and separation from my work and personal life are extremely important.  I actually have a personal rule in that I will not friend anyone that I work with.  Sorry, just not going to happen.  Some might say, and I’ve even said it myself, “don’t put anything on Facebook the world shouldn’t see.”  I do agree with that; however the problem for me is around context.  For instance, if I post something intended for only my family to see (by using Facebook’s lists option) I do not feel that should be shared outside of that group.  Simply because at the time it was posted I did not want it to be shared.  I may just be anal about this but I have actually gone through the privacy settings within Facebook extensively and have it locked down to levels that I feel are appropriate and regularly audit my “friends” and put them into custom lists which also have separate access levels.

While I still strongly believe there are benefits to Facebook, such as keeping up with old friends, there are privacy and even personal security concerns that should be considered.

Sacramento Business Journal – Law bans your boss from spying on your Facebook account


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